The healing power in fruit

There are so many confusing messages out there regarding diet.  Today I want to focus on foods which have recently been given a bad press, and these are fruit. Why something which is natural and produced by the earth is now deemed harmful by some diets, is beyond me.

We are bombarded with the latest scientific studies showing that fats are the hero and now sugar is bad. Previously it was carbs and wheat and I have shared what this did to my body for years.

Personally in such matters I like to use my common sense and question these things for myself, as I am sure you do.

When I gave up wheat, dairy and eggs I had a gap in my diet and I struggled at first to find nutritious food for each meal. I remember literally getting into a panic with meals, particularly around lunch. Then I had a light bulb moment, as I thought of something I could snack on, easily carry around in my handbag and would give my body the instant nutrition it needed. You guessed it this was fruit.

I have recently read the book Liver Rescue, by Anthony William, the famous Medical Medium and I cannot recommend it enough if you are having health problems. You would be amazed at how many of the illnesses we suffer begin in the liver. We literally starve our livers of the vital glucose it needs, as we are ignorant to the amazing filtration job it performs on a daily basis. I will share a future post on the liver, but for now I want to concentrate on fruit.

Anthony Williams is based in the USA and he sees many people all over the world with very serious conditions, none of which any medicine can help with. He helps these people on a daily basis and you can read their powerful stories on his Instagram page I highly recommend it, they will blow you away.

As I mentioned before I am a migraine sufferer and I suffer from liver migraines. I have to learn how to manage this infliction as it isn’t going to go away any time soon.

Fruit helps our body to function. It cleanses and oxygenates the blood; hydrates the blood, dissolves and disperses fats and toxins from inside the liver; delivers critical natural sugars like glucose and fructose to the liver; and provides the blood with the highest-quality mineral salts.

Fruit is brimming with antioxidants to help restore liver cells, vitamins to feed your liver’s immune system so it can kill off viruses and bacteria, minerals for the liver’s critical chemical functions and compounds that transfer information to your liver so it can strengthen and rise above the polluted environment in which we all live.

I will give you some examples:

 Apples: Provide water to support the liver’s hydration capabilities, so it can store the water and then release it back into the bloodstream when dehydration or dirty blood syndrome occurs. Apples starve out bacteria, yeast, mold and other viruses from the intestinal tract and liver. They are also superb for dissolving gallstones.

Cherries: Cherries’ red pigment acts as a degreaser, dispersing these sticky, gluey toxins and allowing them to gravitate out of the liver and into the gallbladder. Then the rich fibre from the cherry fruit helps rush the poisons out of the small intestine and colon.

Dates: The intestinal tract builds up mucus due to low hydrochloric acid and bile production. Dates expel and eliminate mucus. The sugar in dates feed the liver with glucose. I now carry dates around in my handbag most of the time and if I am feeling like my sugar levels are dropping; eating a few of these powerful fruits is the best pick up and helps you to keep going. Try it for yourself and see how you feel after.

Grapes: Grapes are often bypassed these days for their high sugar content. But what is the sugar content? It is glucose, the vital component for a healthy functioning liver. Plus the fruit acid in grapes helps dissolve gallstones.

Lemons and Limes: These powerful fruits can clean up dirty blood syndrome and improve glucose absorption.

Wild blueberries: Contain dozens of antioxidants. The pigment inside the wild blueberries have the ability to saturate deep into the liver cells. They feed good bacteria and cleanse the liver.

I have named but a few of our beautiful world’s fruits and exactly what each one does for our body.

Please go ahead and explore for yourself by trying to incorporate a lot more fruit in your diet and I can guarantee you won’t put on weight but lose it. After all, how many people do you know who gain weight from eating fruit?

I personally like to follow a hunter, gatherer diet like our ancestors. Food is healing and eaten in the correct way can help your body to overcome many conditions doctors feel baffled with. I know this from personal experience and I hope you will as well.

References: Liver Rescue by Anthony William (The Medical Medium).

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  1. Thank you for a very interesting post. I love fruit so am very happy to read how good it is for us Xx

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  2. Hi
    I am so glad you liked the post and you are enjoying the powerful benefits of eating fruit.xx


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