The Liver

Part 1

Today I want to concentrate on an organ in the body that gets little attention or is celebrated for the wonderful job it does.

In previous blogs I have shared how I suffer with liver migraines. For anyone who isn’t familiar with Chinese medicine; It simply means I had an overloaded liver, which would result in migraines.

If you go to see you doctor about migraines they will offer you a pill if you are a severe sufferer. Sadly, Western medicine does not agree with me and in my mind, it is simply putting a plaster over the problem.

Chinese medicine and other alternative medicines go to the root of the issue. It isn’t an easy path to follow, as it will take a lot longer and will involve a lot of hard work from the individual concerned. I can however, say it is worth it.

If you remember at the beginning of my blog I talked about searching for optimum health and not taking pills as much as possible. This is a real step forward.

I was a painkiller junkie. I swallowed Anadin Extra like they were going out of fashion. If you are an acute pain sufferer, you will know like me this is the only way sometimes to function.

I distinctly remember sitting in front of my computer with the colours of the rainbow flashing in front of me and I knew a migraine was coming. I would immediately swallow two painkillers and carry on, feeling awful.

It came to a climax when I had a constant migraine for five years! Enough was enough and this is when I discovered a natural way of healing myself.

My immune system was shot to pieces and my liver was overloaded. I had worked so hard in my careers and pretty much neglected taking care of my health, so easily done in today’s society.

If there is one thing I really hope we will learn from Covid, that is how important our health is. Our bodies are wonderful and they work so hard for us on a daily basis. We need to show them the same love and respect.

We inadvertently strain our livers from an early age. Then we go to college or university to study. Then, if you are like me, follow into a fast paced career in the city, which involved many nights of heavy drinking, followed by days of long hours and work.

Then we wonder why we are sick.

I had become out of balance as I would say we all our. We haven’t really done a great job of looking after the planet or ourselves. It is time to take stock and think about what is important.

As the Chinese proverb so well puts it, ‘health is wealth’ and I couldn’t agree more.

I will share what the liver does for you to give you an insight:

  • It processes fats and protects the pancreas
  • Stores glucose and glycogen
  • Stores vitamins and minerals
  • It disarms and detains harmful materials
  • Screens and filters the blood
  • Guards you with its own personalised immune system

Your liver keeps you balanced. I knew I was completely out of balance, much like our planet. You may feel the same as you read this. Don’t lose heart you can change the future.

When you become a liver expert, life becomes bright and full of energy again.

When it is supported, your liver has the ability to release and withhold at will. If you get cold, your liver will create heat to warm you; if you get hot, it will take on heat to cool you. If you eat a large steak, chips and chocolate, your liver will process and break down the trans fatty acids to protect you.

Your liver is a memory bank, your third brain. It’s a memory organ in its own right, equal to the brain in power. If your eating habits seem unpredictable, your liver tracks the sporadic nature of this behaviour.

I drank plenty of water. However, I wasn’t feeding my liver and looking after it properly. As I shared in my last post, I have come to realise the healing properties in fruit and vegetables. If each time when we ate something, we paid attention and knew exactly what this food was doing inside our bodies, I believe our health as a society would be very, very different.

It’s time to take back control, to get well and feel great.

4 responses to “The Liver”

  1. Thank you so much for sharing well.
    Hoping you are better .
    Stay safe !

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  2. Thank you for your comment and I am glad you enjoyed my post.
    I am feeling much better these days thank you.
    Stay well and safe too. x


  3. Thanks for taking the time to enlighten us. Great post.


    1. Thank you. I am pleased it helped.

      Liked by 1 person

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