Celebrating my followers

Today I want to celebrate you, my followers, 15 altogether now and for everyone who is viewing my posts, I am averaging on around 60 views a week.

I started writing this blog at the end of June and I have been overwhelmed at the response to my posts and the kind comments.

My friend Melody introduced me to this wonderful world. She writes an amazing daily blog on ‘hope’, with thought provoking daily recipes. Check it our for yourself https://journeyintohope2020.vision/home-2/. I was a guest blog on her site for a while and then after such a positive response to my writing, I took the plunge and her I am with my own blog.

I particularly want to mention all of my followers from the UK and the United States, as these are my top viewing countries. What a privilege to have a medium where we can share our thoughts all over the world.

I find the world of blogging like a candy box. When reading through various posts in the search section, you literally are spoilt for choice at the array of different topics and interesting content.

I also celebrate WordPress for creating such a fantastic technical tool for people to share their passions. You really have thought of everything with this software, I love it.

Keep writing everyone and I look forward to reading your posts and sharing more of my passions and beliefs with you in the future.

3 responses to “Celebrating my followers”

  1. Thank you Helen for mentioning my blog. Congratulations on your growing readership. I love your posts. Keep writing XX

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  2. Thank you and It is a pleasure Melody, I love your blog as well. Keep sharing. xx


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