The emotional side of healing when cutting out pathogenic foods

As you will know from my previous posts and my introduction page, I am on a journey of self-healing both in the body and mind.

Today I want to talk about the emotional side of healing and the waves of emotions you can feel when removing damaging foods from your diet.

I suffer with migraines and IBS and I can honestly say without a shadow of a doubt, that cutting out wheat, gluten, eggs and dairy has changed my health dramatically.

I used to wake up every morning with what felt like hunger pains and gripping in my stomach. The doctor diagnosed me with IBS. After years of searching and seeing numerous health experts, I changed my diet, cutting out wheat and gluten, dairy and eggs. This cured my IBS.

I wake up now and my stomach is at peace. I don’t get any gripping pains or acid reflux after I eat.

Think about what the word gluten actually means and this alone could change your mind next time you reach for the loaf of bread in the supermarket. Gluten means glue, this is what sticks the bread together. Now have a think about what happens to the inside of your stomach when you digest this?

When we give up certain foods cravings occur as the viruses and the unproductive bacteria begin to starve. Because they’re not getting the foods they want (such as eggs, gluten, and dairy), these pathogens start to excrete signal chemicals. The chemicals can then enter the brain and stimulate hunger messaging receptors, triggering us to want to eat these very foods.

When you understand this you can let the craving pass as you realise your body is healing and you don’t want to be at the beck and call of a viral or bacterial strain. After a period of time these cravings become a lot less. I barely even think about eggs these days and I don’t miss the daily yoghurt I used to digest.

As a result my thinking is clearer, I have lost weight, my migraines have cut down to once a month, when I used to get them two to three times a week and my IBS has all but cleared up.

We live in a world full of toxins and we are often viral without realising it. Viruses as well as viral neurotoxins and dermatoxins have filled up our fat cells. Those fat cells protect us to a certain extent, making us feel less sick because they act as a buffer.

When we cut out certain foods and cleanse our body, we are really starting to cleanse the fat cells, which means the viruses and viral waste they’ve absorbed get released. This isn’t just the fat cells which are visible. We all have fat cells within our organs that can suspend viruses and viral waste.

As I have mentioned previously on top of giving up certain foods as above, I recommend the 3,6,9 cleanse by the Medical Medium. This is both gentle and nourishing. The food fills you up so you don’t experience cravings and after you finish you are more alert, your skin is clear and you feel pretty chuffed you have given your body a break from constantly having to breakdown fats.

Below is a video explaining about this medically advanced man. I have never met anyone in my journey who has helped me as much as his books.

Medical Medium interview on ‘Cleanse to Heal’

Did you get a virus passed down from your parents? From a restaurant you ate in? From a relationship?

When you became infected, the virus already contained multiple levels of information, both emotional and physical. Think about it? A virus is a living, organism. We are experiencing this at the moment with Covid and it is mutating.

If you were having a positive experience when you picked up the virus, when you cleanse, you may actually experience positive sensations as they leave. Or if you picked up the virus in a bad relationship, then as the neurotoxins and dermatoxins leave your body, you may experience sadness.

Be kind to yourself and know this to shall pass.

I wish you all health and healing in your future cleanses and daily diet.

Reference: Cleanse to Heal, Medical Medium

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