Toxic Heavy Metals and Migraines

We live in a toxic environment. Every day our bodies are exposed to different levels of toxins, from mercury, aluminum, copper, lead and cadmium. We all have toxic heavy metals inside our bodies.

These gather inside our bodies and build up over time. The two most popular places they gather are the liver and the brain.

Toxic heavy metals carry a distruptive charge that interferes with the electricity that travels through the brain. I can often feel this before I have a migraine episode. I feel as if the charges over my head are short circuiting and then I get the fogginess and my vision begins to blur.

Neurotransmitter chemicals are meant to use the electrical neural highway to carry information and life force to every cell in your brain. When toxic heavy metals interfere with this, electrical impulses weaken in the brain. Electrical activity becomes diffused, and this leads to a host of conditions over time. Brain fog; memory issues; confusion; anxiety, and depression are just a few.

It’s not only the heavy metal deposits themselves that can be a problem. Toxic heavy metals oxidise releasing a discharge of a heavy metal byproduct. This in turn can bring on more serious illnesses such as dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.

I hope from reading my posts you have seen the value in getting toxic heavy metals out of your body. I have also mentioned the Heavy Metal Detox Cleanse as recommended by the Medical Medium.

Once you work on removing heavy metals in yourself and your loved ones, you can physically see the change and as a result this can reshape your life.

Reference: Medical Medium, Cleanse to Heal

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