Single supplements are best

When looking at helping to improve your health with the substitute of supplements, it can be a minefield and please remember these are not a replacement for a healthy diet, which is paramount. However, single supplements are the best way to go and I will explain why.

When you fill a capsule with anywhere from 10 to 40 nutrients, it’s only going to contain a speck of each one and this will not help you to heal.

You also need to take into account if your digestion is weakened, you may get virtually no absorption of those specks.

I speak for myself here to say I am extremely sensitive to a lot of ingredients in foods, pharmaceuticals and sometimes supplements and probiotics. If you have a reaction to a pill, powder, or tincture filled with many ingredients you won’t be able to pin down what is causing the reaction and so remove this from your diet.

Does Quality Matter?

Quality matters greatly when taking supplements. The supplement variety you choose can make or break your progress. To speed up healing you need the right kind of supplements.

After having several consultations with a qualified nutritionist and seeing the benefits in my body, hair and skin, I highly recommend Cytoplan for buying your supplements. They are also very knowledgeable and will help you if you get stuck.

During this pandemic it is important your immune system is strong, this and only this will help you fight this virus if you get it.

Currently on top of my normal supplements, I am taking Immunovite and Wholefood Zinc. Cytoplan Immunovite includes beta 1-3,1-6 glucan along with vitamin C, selenium and zinc which contribute to the normal function of the immune system. Wholefood Zinc among its many uses will help absorb the Immunovite into your system and also helps strengthen your immune system.

As I often state, I am not a qualified health practitioner and for any guidance you require around taking supplements you will need to see a qualified nutritionist. However, I have had years of seeing many health professionals and learning how to help my body heal in the most kind and efficient way.

When taken alongside a healthy balanced diet with regular exercise, supplements can be of great benefit.

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  1. what an interesting post Helen, very helpful in these days X

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