Are we moving into a new order?

In the UK, we have seen the fall off some big brand names, such as Woolworths, BHS and this year Debenhams. I can’t help but feel we are moving into a new way of living and hopefully one moving forward, which is more sustainable and better for smaller businesses.

I had the pleasure of shopping at an outdoor market yesterday and I was amazed at the freshness and size of the different colour fruits and vegetables in front of me. You could see all the colours of the rainbow and everything looked very enticing.

When I got home I even compared one of the lemons to a supermarket bought lemon and it was twice as big.

The move of farm shops and local produce has grown exponentially since Covid and we are hearing the shops to survive the high street are the independent brands. Is this a move away from Capitalism?

Personally I welcome it. I was never a lover of being stuck under false lighting in a department store, with perfume brand ladies trying to spray you with perfume from their latest concoction. Inevitably I would wander around aimlessly never finding what I wanted.

Being outside at the food market yesterday in the fresh air, was a completely different experience and much healthier and more personal. I don’t mind paying a little bit more if I know I am paying for quality.

It’s about time farmers started to be paid properly for their produce and not ripped off by the supermarket chains. It is also time for large brands such as Amazon and clothing companies to give a percentage back to the environment. After all they wouldn’t have their businesses if it wasn’t for mother nature giving them the materials.

I think the days of buying cheap are numbered and if we are ever going to save this planet and mankind they need to be.

I support a charity who free children slaves internationally and it is heartbreaking to hear of some of the hours they work and the exploitations they are exposed to because of greed. I read recently of a child who had been sold into slavery at five years old, then sold to a brothel at the age of fifteen. She had to service between 15-20 men per day! If she refused she was beaten.

I love this particular charity as they are all lawyers and they could be earning high salaries, but instead they put that aside to make a difference.

This girl was freed from slavery, the perpetrators were bought to justice, the brothel was closed down, knocked down and a school was built in its place.

There are boys made to work between fifteen and sixteen hours in a brick factory and if they become ill, they are beaten to keep working.

Needless to say once free, most of the children then want to become lawyers and fight for others in the same position.

Even here in the UK poverty is on the rise and on the news the other eve was a story of Burnley and two Pastors endeavors to help the poor in the area. They mentioned how the kids rip open the food bags being delivered before they have even been deposited on the doorstep, they are so hungry.

Sadly progress is not always so and we have to learn we are all connected what one human being does dramatically affects another.

Personally, I want to do good and make a difference especially to my beautiful planet. I am a member of the Sussex Wildlife Trust and it is amazing the work they carry out and the difference they are making to the planet.

Charities simply cannot survive without our support, especially now.

Maybe Covid has made us see what is really important in life, I really hope so and I hope we are moving in a new direction.

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