Anxiety in Lockdown and how to cope

As I write this we are once again in lockdown and the world seems gripped by Covid. We are all told to stay in and ultimately save lives. There is at last light at the end of the tunnel with a vaccine. However, this will take time to administer and doctors and scientists still aren’t sure if it will help stop the virus being spread.

If you are anything like me you worry at the best of times. I have mentioned before my deep concern, like many others for our dying planet and Covid seems to have raised the anxiety level on this to 100%. I feel I am being taken to the abyss by world leaders who are too weak to make any big decisions. We have all taken from our beautiful world and given nothing back. It’s time for change, but I don’t see any world leader making those fundemental changes which are urgently needed.

My day to day businesses have all but dried up and I am very thankful I have my investments in lots of pots during this pandemic and I am not reliant on my day job like I used to be.

It feels like the world has been put on pause and we have all had to except a new type of normal. We don’t see anyone and we are mostly indoors. We don’t go out anywhere and our diaries for the meantime are empty.

How can we cope with being hemmed in like this and dealing with the constant thoughts going round and round in our heads?

It may sound strange in today’s digital society but I have always found keeping a diary helps. I have had a life diary since I was in my twenties and I find writing down key parts of my life really help in the present and when I look back. I can see how my life has changed and what I have achieved. It gives you a sense of order, getting your thoughts down on paper and almost clears the backlog in your brain. It also helps to bring a sense of balance and the hope that things will get better.

I am very blessed to have my beautiful dog Bobby who I can take out on walks. If you can get out it makes all the difference. Breathe in the air and get the circulation and blood pumping round the body. Here in the UK it is raining but that doesn’t need to stop you, as long as you have your waterproofs on you can still enjoy some exercise.

We are told we need to exercise regularly and this of course is true, but when you are constantly stuck indoors your drive can be somewhat dappened. Again, I find having a routine helps. I make up a planner for my exercise for the week ahead and this changes from week to week. For instance I may work on my abs Mon, Wed and Fri and then I do a total dance workout on Thursday. I walk every day, twice a day, with the dog and I see this as necessary both for my physical and mental health.

The main thing to remember with exercise is to do something you enjoy. If you do something just because everyone else is and you feel it is the right way forward, I can guarantee you will fall at the first hurdle. Gym memberships across the world are a witness to this statement. It doesn’t matter what it is as long as you are active and you get the heart pumping.

My partner and I love to go walking and of course having Bobby makes it even more special. Usually we will drive to a different destination and walk from the car. What I have found since lockdown, is how many great walks are on our doortep and we both had no idea. I challenge you to find some new walks in your local area. Go and explore, you may be surprised at the hidden gems you have missed.

I have several hobbies which help when I am spending days alone. I enjoy cooking and I make all the food at home from scratch so I know exactly what ingredients are going into the dish.

As I have mentioned I am a jeweller. I am very fortunate this been a career for me for many years and it is my passion. Covid has given me time to explore new avenues of creativity with my jewellery and produce pieces I had never thought possible.

What hobbies and interests do you have? What helps you to escape from the stresses of life?

Essential oils can really help you to relax. I find epsom salts are very good in a hot bath for relaxing tired, aching muscles. Lavender is known to have relaxing properties. If you don’t have lavender bushes to cut this from, you can buy oils or natural reed diffusers. This will help ease your mind and body.

My mum who was a very wise lady would always tell me not to look too far ahead and I have found this particularly helpful during this pandemic. We will come out of this and the world will be a different place, I hope for the better.

In the meantime stay safe, stay well and if your are a fellow blogger, keep blogging.

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