Why go organic

Going food shopping can become a minefield, if like me you are trying to shop for the healthy options. My partner almost groans when we walk down the cake and bread aisle as I often shout out ‘poison, poison aisle’. In fact, in all seriousness that’s exactly what it is. Some of it I would go as far to say isn’t fit for human consumption, but that’s another post for another day.

So why go organic?

Organic food is free of fertilisers, pesticides, irradiaton, GMOs, growth hormones and livestock feed additives which include estrogen products. Particularly if you are a male reading this post, anything pumped full of estrogen will give you female body parts. We are talking moobs here!

I have just finished and passed a nutrtion course in naturopathic medicine. Food should be looked at as medicine and not merely to fill a gap. I often think we can eat mindlessly and not think about the consequences of what we are putting into our mouths.

A Naturopathic Practitioner believes:

  • The body has a vital force
  • The body can heal itself – given the right conditions
  • Addressing the root, underlying cause of disease
  • Focus on the person as a whole and not just the symptom
  • Not so much what is the disease, but why is it there
  • Prevention is preferable to cure

China Study: Areas of China that incorporated high plant and
low animal food intake were the healthiest, claiming low rates of
all cancers, heart disease, diabetes and autoimmune disease
(Campbell & Campbell, 2006).

Food Additives and Preservatives

These are added to food to preserve flavour, increase shelf-life and to enhance taste and appearance.

Preservatives have been shown to cause problems in people who are asthmatic or people with intolerances and allergies.

Sodium benzoate in soft drinks, salad dressings and pickles is carcinogenic and increases hyperactivity with those who are diagnosed with ADHD.

Nitrates in processed meats increase the risk of bowel cancer and should be avoided.

Artificial colours are used for adding colour to foods e.g. soft drinks, sweets and ice cream.

They increase the hyperactivity in children. Any time my nephew used to drink Irn Bru he would literally bounce of the walls and you couldn’t calm him down. I was the same as a child with Coca Cola and sweets. After consuming these products you might as well forget trying to get me to concentrate on anything; I would flit from one task to another achieving nothing.

One of the most distrubing facts I learnt on my course is how much money is spent on advertising to children with these poisonous sweets and drinks. In America in particular, billions of dollars are spent on advertising to children under the age of twelve. However, knowledge is growing and I truly believe much like the tobacco companies when the truth came out about cigarettes, the food companies bubble is about to burst. These corporations will be paying out huge amounts of money for the illnesses and obesity they have inflicted on society. How they have managed to get away with it for so long is beyond me.

Organic Farming

Organic farming is a completely different approach to farming and food. It works towards environmentally, socially and economically sustainable food production.

Agricultural systems rely on crop rotation, animal and plant manures. I am an avid fan of horse manure and we are growing our potatoes in manure this year. Plus we have strategically placed it over our garden to help other plants and for the soil nourishment.

Organic farming is free of poisons; enhances taste; the body is satisfied for longer; better nutrition and Eco-friendly, it doesn’t contaminate the soil. The pest control used is biological and a lot more hand weeding takes place.

Did you know grapes contain up to 15 different pesticides?

If you are going to buy from conventional food production look out for the foods which are sprayed with a lot of pesticides and always read the label.

As much as you can, buy seasonal and direct from the farmer or the food supplier. And if like me you enjoy gardening then grow your own. I promise you the taste alone will make you want to keep doing it every year.

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