Why is big pharma out to get anything natural and organic?

We have all lived through Covid 19 now and seen countries around the world lose loved ones, their freedom and generally have life turned upside down.

Despite this, humans are a resilient bunch and we won’t be told what to do unless we believe in it. So who do you believe? That is a question only you can answer and I am not here to persuade you in your choice. Needless to say there are big pharmaceuticals and extremely rich people who are making a lot of money from people being sick. This leaves a very unpleasant taste in my mouth.

It would seem we now live in a world where if you want to travel for instance and live freely you must have the vaccine. Anyone who may think differently is effectively a prisoner in their own country, as going anywhere, is made nearly impossible.

As you will gather from my post I am not a fan of anything chemical. I am also extremely sceptical about it being proven in science. Who knows what the fallout of the vaccine will be. Therefore, putting my trust in scientists as if they are gods is folly in my book, they are but flesh and blood. Highly intelligent without a doubt, but only human.

Before I went for my first vaccine for AZ, I specifically asked if it could give you blood clots. The reason I asked this, is I have a history of major strokes (as you will know from reading my posts), down both sides of my family. The nurse basically ignored me and said it was quite safe and on she went with giving me the injection. A few days later after the typical side effects I passed out and crashed my car.

At the time I raised a yellow card, which the government in the UK have set up for anyone who experiences adverse reactions to the vaccine. I heard nothing further. I nearly hit the roof when a few months later, I was offered another AZ injection. Of course my answer was a resounding NO THANK YOU.

I have always stated I am not a medical professional. I have however, studied medicine in the form of nutrition and on this subject I am well versed. It would seem anyone from this world is being silenced in the push towards chemical medicines.

Dr. Mercola for instance who is an American alternative medicine proponent is being bullied for talking sensibly about what the body needs in order to fight disease. He mentions vitamin D as a supplement to prevent contracting covid and he was hounded as there was not enough scientific evidence. Is there enough scientific evidence people are not suffering with horrendous adverse reactions to the vaccine? Fortunately he seems to be being vindicated, as now even in mainstream news, they mention about vitamin D helping to prevent covid.

I go to see a homeopathic practitioner who has changed my life. If it wasn’t for the dedication of people like her who know the earth has all the medicine we need, including antidotes for every poison. Then I would be a very sick person indeed now and I was for many years.

I found out from naturopathic medicine, my body was full of toxins and needed cleansing and detoxing. I had been to see a doctor on numerous occasions previously as my migraines had been so severe. I was given a drug which on the whole I had a reaction to.

Now not every one is as sensitive as I am to western medicine. My fiance for one can almost eat or drink anything and he was absolutely fine after the vaccine. He is a very robust character with a consitution of a bull, a very lucky man indeed. However, it concerns me greatly that so many people’s voices who are highly qualified in their field are being silenced.

Until we hear from both sides of the argument it is hard to make accurate judgements. As quite frankly, at the moment it seems very biased towards big pharma.

I genuinely pray for a great awakening this year. We need a holy power to intervine and show exactly who is telling the truth and who is lying. I pray for great wisdom for world leaders, for the truth to be brought into the light and for a blessing so full and rich, we can hardly contain it and healing come as a result.

God bless us all.

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