The war on the liver

Part 2

As I discussed previously, we are exposed every day to substances that threaten our health. Little do we realise the amount of toxins both in the atmosphere and the products we use in our daily lives, such as bleach, plug in air fresheners, scented candles, alcohol and medications.

It doesn’t mean you need to live in fear rather you just need to help your body and be aware of what surrounds you. My head will often tell me immediately if something isn’t right. If you are in tune with your body in such a way it is an immense gift. Your body is there to help you and work with you.

The Three Depths of the Liver

The liver has three general levels; its perimeter surface, its subsurface and its deep inner core.

If you think of the liver like an apple this will help you in understanding how it works. The perimeter surface is like the skin of an apple. The liver’s subsurface has a good amount of room; it’s like the flesh of the apple. The liver’s deep, inner core, not surprisingly, is like the apple’s core.

The deeper troublemakers go into the liver, the more it protects you and the more time it takes to pull them out later.

As we know our food is sprayed with chemicals in order to help protect it from pests and to get the best crop possible. However, this does play havoc with our livers. These troublemakers get into all three of the levels of the liver in equally high concentration.

Like the chemical group, toxic heavy metals spread out among all three levels of the liver and are also commonly passed down through the bloodline. Such as mercury, lead, aluminum and copper.

In order to counteract these daily invasions on our liver, eating the right amount of fruit and vegetables will not only feed your liver, body and brain but will also breakdown the toxins we all take in.

I would highly recommend the heavy metal detox as described in the Medical Medium’s book ‘Liver Rescue’. This is a gentle way of helping to detox these troublemakers we are surrounded by.  This detox method is devised to kick metal out of the liver, among other areas in the body, so they get eliminated, not recirculated.

I now pay a lot more attention to what I eat and what this is doing in my body. As a result my head and health are so much better. I feel alert, sharp, my skin is glowing and I have lost weight.

I do hope these blogs on the liver have been of help to you? Do let me know if you have any questions or comments? Stay in touch it is good to talk.

References Liver Rescue, Medical Medium

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