Addiction isn’t a dirty word…

For the past few months I have gone quiet in the world of blogging. My time has been taken up establishing my dog walking business and starting a new job as a Fund Manager for a Community Interest Company called ReBourne Recovery.

ReBourne Recovery was started by Simon Bashford in October 2020 after he grew dissilussioned with the current addiction system and its lack of success. Bash who himself had struggled with addiction in the past came up with a 24 module programme. The aim is to support those suffering from addiction to begin to have a deeper understanding of their difficulties and how they can make changes to address them.  The therapists help with looking at the root of their addiction, understanding their journey into addiction and supporting them to navigate their way out of it.

The current referral system is based on rehabilitation centres, directing people to organisations such as CGL (Change Grow Live) or Alcoholics Anonymous. Although there is limited efficacy while in treatment the relapse rate is high (up to 95% in some cases). The solution was to create a simple, supported and individually sustainable programme with a lifelong backup service for if/when life became too overwhelming. The ReBourne Recovery Program delivers all of this and more. Our end result is what we refer to as ‘SSS’ Self Sustained Sobriety.

Modules include:

  • How to identify addiction and manage cravings
  • How to identify and manage feelings
  • Exploring childhood and identifying low self worth (which is the foundation of addiction)
  • Creating a personal care plan including exercise, nutrition and meditation exercises
  • Learning what a healthy relationship looks like and how to build and sustain this with self and others
  • How to boost self worth, become empowered and make healthy choices
  • How to notice relapse before it happens and manage it to resume sobriety
  • Living sober as a healthy life choice with an ongoing life plan to stay on track

Why am I a fan – Simply because this systems works and so far we have a 100% success rate ranging from alcohol, gambling and drugs. The company is still new and we are reaching out for funds using various methods.

What other programme has a 100% success rate? I don’t know of any. As we crawl out of Covid in the current climate people are fearful and the media has certainly not helped in the matter. Mental health issues are up 200% and this can be seen acted out in the form of addictions.

There are several patterns of addictive behaviors, such as:

  • Not being able to stop
  • Easily relapsing
  • Losing control
  • Having a desire to use or act, but no pleasure
  • Having more than one addiction at once (cross-addiction)
  • Using substances or behaviours to self-medicate

Whether you are an alcoholic, or you’re addicted to sex, the problem is still the same. You are at risk of entering a dangerous addiction cycle.

Image from Research Gate

I want to see attitudes change towards people who are struggling. The world seems a lot more compassionate to those who suffer with mental health and quite rightly so. Addiction on the other hand has a way to go yet.

If you are interested in finding out more please visit our website at or email

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