The brain, natural healing and covid

These are strange times we are living in and it is hard to separate the wheat from the chaff, the truth from the propaganda. However, throughout these uncertain times we can bolster our immune system to help prevent catching covid.

We often forget about our silent immune system battling away to keep us healthy and strong. We are learning more and more about the importance of a healthy gut and how 70% of your immune system is in your gut.

We are surrounded by toxins and the virus is but another form. We need to constantly be cleansing our bodies from a build up of toxins from the air we breathe, the food we eat, vaccines, over the counter painkillers, alcohol and much more.

I am fortunate in I see a very special lady who gives me homeopathic treatment and as you are aware from previous posts my diet and lifestyle are of a naturopathic basis. I do not follow a western diet and I try to keep food chemical consumption to a minimum.

The treatment I have with my homeopathic practitioner is called bio resonance healing and this is not simply to treat the symptoms like a lot of western drugs, but guides the body to activate its health through detoxification and elimination of harmful substances. When the body’s health is restored, it will be able to better absorb nutrients into the cellular level and create the best conditions for self-repair. It does this by using an algorithm and then combining the results with a treatment of homeopathic medicine.

Our bodies are extremely clever and we need to trust the wisdom of the body and listen to our intuition, our gut feeling.

I do believe in science although I feel it has become somewhat of a god and mankind now looks to science for all of the answers. I don’t follow this mantra as our beautiful world has all the healing power we need and for every poison there is a natural antidote.

Our gut feeling or intituition has been replaced by reason and logic and this I feel is folly.

The brain

From the front, the brain resembles a large walnut. Down the centre runs a notch, separating the brain into two hemispheres.

The functions of the two hemispheres of the brain:

Left hemisphere

  • Centre of language
  • picks up information in steps/reduces facts to simplest elements
  • Uses logic
  • Engages in sequential reasoning
  • Processes data verbally

Right hemisphere

  • Non-verbal
  • Picks up information as a whole/Sees the big picture
  • Creates meaning
  • Centre of creativity and intuition
  • Sends non-verbal data

Perhaps if we were to encourage more of the use of both sides of our brain rather than just reason and logic, we will be able to take in more information in a balanced manner, allowing the rational and intuitive parts of our brains to work together.

Reference: The Wisdom of Intuition by Hinkler

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