Bobby’s learning and development

As you will know from one of my previous posts, my partner and I are puppy parents to our beautiful black Labrador, Bobby.

A lot has happened since I last wrote about Bobby. He has grown double the size and he has been having one-to-one puppy classes with our lovely trainer Sarah from My Complex Canine , who is a qualified puppy school tutor.

Every Tuesday Bobby would have his class, learning how to walk to heel on the lead, sit, lie down, wait and stay, among many other commands. He was a quick learner and he would do anything for the tasty treat at the end.

Sarah really helped David and I as we didn’t know the best way to meet Bobby’s needs. She has an in depth understanding into a dog’s mind and what seems humanly impossible, she makes look easy. I think she may be a dog whisperer!

Bobby loves his walks and being off lead. There is nothing more pleasurable than watching your puppy skip across the field and run as fast as he can with his ears flapping in the wind. He is free and it shows when he runs.

He is a very sociable pup, so much so, he can’t understand it when a dog or human doesn’t want to interact with him. He enjoys his play times with his doggie friends and he loves a bit of rough and tumble with the boys.

Bobby and his friend Bertie

I took him to a disused railway line yesterday with a large field round the side of it. Being a gun dog, Bobby felt completely at home and soon he was sniffing, running and rolling around in the mud. This was one of the main reasons of welcoming Bobby into the family, to go on long country walks with him. My partner and I both love the great outdoors and to share this with Bobby is wonderful.

Lead walking

Animals are healing and particularly during these difficult times they are a bright ray of sunshine in their owner’s lives.

I will continue to share on how Bobby develops. I think he is going to grow into a very powerful animal. Although he is so affectionate he isn’t much of a guard dog.

If you have a pet then cherish them, they are a gift and if you don’t then maybe pop round to a friend’s house who does and get some fluffy love time, all your problems will disappear as a result.

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